Team Selection Guidelines


In putting together teams for each season, the following principles will be used:

  1. Competitive balance is the key factor. KYSA will try to ensure players are distributed to ensure that all teams in a division are competitive - i.e. no team will win all their games while another in that division loses all theirs. At the end of a season, coaches will provide feedback re individual player strength and team strength that will be used in the following year to balance the teams.
  2. KYSA believes that players benefit from working with a variety of coaches during their soccer careers, and coaches also gain from new players added to their teams.
  3. Soccer is both an opportunity to develop physical skills, and a chance to meet new friends from other schools to help develop social skills.
  4. Parents can be helpful in encouraging their children to accept change positively, and learn from new coaches, new friends and new opportunities. No requests for specific coaches or teammates will be taken.
  5. Each season teams will likely undergo significant changes as new players are added and reorganization for competitive balance is completed.