Code Of Conduct Policy


The purpose of this Policy is to ensure a safe and positive environment within KYSA sanctioned programs, activities, and events by making all Individuals aware that there is an expectation, at all times, of appropriate behavior consistent with the values of KYSA.

Kelowna Youth Soccer Association believes soccer is a perfect game to develop fitness, sportsmanship and fellowship among its participants. To help promote those qualities, we have developed a Code of Conduct which outlines our expectations of coaches, parents and players. We believe these are critical to the success of our program. At the beginning of each season, coaches, parents and players will be required to sign a copy of the Code of Conduct signifying their agreement to abide by these guidelines.




Good communications are the key to success in our program. Where issues arise between coaches, parents, and/or players, the first step to solving them is for the parties concerned to engage in open; respectful and constructive dialogue. If genuine attempts to resolve concerns re Code of Conduct violations are not successful,mediation may be sought by completing the Code of Conduct Violation Report and following the process outlined therein.

To view the Code of Conduct Violation Report, please click here