Kelowna Youth Soccer Association (KYSA) is a local non-profit soccer organization and the majority of our registration dollars go into our Grassroots and Select programs. This allows us to keep expanding our programming and add opportunities for all local soccer players.

2022 ID Camp

Open competitive level Academy Camps

We've expanded on our original "Lions Academy", which started when 2 of our KYSA Coaches wanted to include all players that were looking to improve their game but just missed the cut for our previous Division A teams. Coach Adil and Coach Oli are now our Chair and Vice-Chair respectively and we will continue with this great idea into the future with as many teams as possible. We've named a few of our teams the Lions and even have them depicted on our newly designed logo to recognize what these 2 great coaches brought to our program.

We are holding open competitive level Academy Camps on the following dates to help us identify players throughout the Okanagan who our coaches will run through some on-field session and then may invite to their team evaluations in July to make up our 2023 TOYSL Teams.

2013 born are welcome to join in the 2012 Camps for evaluation and this camp will be run by our Technical Director, Drissa Bouare. Perspective Coaches are also welcome to attend this particular camp.

No matter where you're currently playing, you're invited to see what we have to offer and feel free to bring a friend!

There is no cost for these mini-camps - just show up with your soccer gear, work hard, have fun and bring a big water bottle, haha!

Come and "join our pride"🦁⚽️